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          OUR TEAM

          Xi'an Wanlong pharmaceutical R&D center is identified as Provincial level enterprise R&D center. With spread over 6000sq.m area,

          Our R&D center has 30 sets of highend instruments and equipment with the original value of over RMB15 million. The center

          consists of the Quality Analysis & Test Division Pharmaceutical raw material Process Research Division, Preparation Process Research Center,

          Clinical medicine Division and Registration Davison.

          R&D TEAM:

          Our R&D center has about 100 employees, specializing in chemistry, pharmacology, analysis, and medical science, etc. Over 100% of them hold Bachelor degrees and over 50% of them hold Master degrees.


          18 invention patents

          47 drug production license

          2 APIs DMF submitted


          Shanghai pharmaceutical industry research institute

          Xi'an Jiaotong University School of Medicine

          China National Institutes for Food and Drug Control

          We are always open and flexible to different types of collaboration for human health.